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Check in Process

Make sure your e-sign contract is signed, comes per e-mail as "SQUARE CONTRACT" and the Boating EXPERIENCE FORM filled out You would loose valuable time at check in if not. It was sent to you by email minutes after you booked. Look up your email and find Square Contract.

How to find us Address 908 NE 20th Ave, Ft Lauderdale FL 33304 See us at our store or docks

Locations to Park                                               Click for GOOGLE MAPS        Meters not in service on sundays


If you don’t want to lose valuable rental time please keep us updated. Text your arrival time at our location

to 954-278-0491.

Renters showing up at their booked start time will be checked in first.

Any person driving boats in Florida Born after January 1st 1988 has to pass the Florida Boating safety course.

Bring your certificate with you. Any person driving our boats has to  have basic experience and will sign a liability waiver.


the CHARTERER and or OPERATOR certifies that CHARTERER and or OPERATOR is experienced, licensed, if applicable and competent in the handling and operation of a Vessel of the type named in this CHARTER Reservation, that CHARTERER has sufficient practical knowledge of seamanship, piloting, and Rules-of-the -Road to properly exercise full authority over the Vessel and is under the command of a competent person. A competent person must have a minimum of two years of experience operating vessels of a similar type and size (within 10 feet) to the Scheduled Vessel, have no marine losses in the last ten years, no violations/suspensions (including auto) in the last five years and no criminal convictions or pleas of no contest ever. The Charterer agrees that the Charterer will not allow the Vessel to be operated by any person not qualified to do so during the Charter Period.

Please fill out the form by following this Link

IMPORTANT PLEASE follow this link and read the Cancelation Terms

Security Deposit for Rinker QX18 and Rinker Q3 $500 for Rinker q5 $700 for NEO $1,000 for Sea RAy 410 Express Cruiser $1,500 Security Deposit will be charged before your rental or at pick up. it will be released latest 48 hrs. after your rental return if there are no damages fuel or overtime charges and more. Not applicable if you rented through Boatsetter. They charged you and hold your deposit.

Renter and any person operating the boat has to bring a Driver License and Boating license if available or required.

LATE FEE, In the event the craft is not returned at time specified herein, said CHARTERER agrees to pay for Overtime. Overtime Price equals Rental total price including tax, divided by booked hours times overtime times 1.5 before latest return time and times 3 after latest return time. Example Total rental paid for including tax $800 for 8 hrs scheduled return time is 5PM latest return time is 7PM renter comes back one hour late is $800 divided by 8 equals $100 renter pays times 1.5 $150. Example Total rental paid for including tax $800 for 8 hrs scheduled return time is 6PM latest return time is 5PM renter comes back one hour late is $800 divided by 8 equals $100 renter pays 3 times $300.

The Boat has adult Life Vests for the legal number of passengers on board please ask for children Life vests, our smallest supports 50lbs. Please bring smaller Life vests with you. Children under age of 6 have to wear Life Vests all the time. All required USCG safety equipment is on board.

The Boat has a Cooler on request. You can buy ICE at Check IN.

The Sound-system has Bluetooth, Bring a 12 Volt or USB plug to charge your devices.

Fuel policy

Your Boat has a full Fuel tank when you start

your trip. When you return we are reading your Fuel gauge and charge for used Fuel

If your Fuel Gauge still shows full after return or is not readable we Determine by our GPS showing us distance and speed of your trip how much gas you used.

We are refilling your gas tank With REC90 or Marine Diesel after you come back. 

Our Gas Price is Published at Check in or contact us before to find out.

Where to go?

Prepare your routes.

Follow this Link to start planning



For a safe Navigation we recommend to download the following apps

Knowwake for easy planning and navigation

Navionics for professional navigation


Please also check the Broward County Safe Boating Guide.

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